26 abril 2006

Pq existem msg nas paredes (IV)

Proudest Monkey - @crash (Dave Matthews Band)

"Swing in this tree ... Oh I am bounce around so well
Branch to branch, limb to limb you see
All in a day's dream ...I'm stuck
Like the other monkeys here
I am a humble monkey...Sitting up in here again
But then came the day...I climbed out of these safe limbs
Ventured away...Walking tall, head high up and singing
I went to the city...Car horns, corners and the gritty
Now I am the proudest monkey...you've ever seen
Monkey see, monkey do
Then comes the day...Staring at myself I turn to question me
I wonder do I want the simple, simple life that I once lived in well
Oh things were quiet then...In a way they were the better days
But now I am the proudest monkey
you've ever seen...Monkey see, monkey do "
Monkey see, monkey do...."