31 agosto 2005

Nature has its own religion

gospel from the land...

30 agosto 2005

Sitting still as stone watching - watching
People walking by you , I wonder why

No one seems to figure it why... that twisted smile

29 agosto 2005



Lugar da Rosa - Rua da Rosa (Bº Alto)

25 agosto 2005

"...I will light the match this mornin', so I won't be alone

Watch as she lies silent, for soon night will be gone..."

"...Drop the leash....Drop the leash....

Get outta'my fuckin'face..."

Opio do Povo...


22 agosto 2005

"...You seek up an emotion
And our cup is overflowing
You seek up an emotion,

Sometimes your well is dry...
You seek up a big monster
For him to fight your wars for you..."

nature has it's own balance...

i'm the captain of this ship...

& i'll sail it towards u...

decifring illusions ... trading magic for facts...

16 agosto 2005

"...Here comes that sun again
That means another day
Without you my friend

And it hurts me
To look into the mirror at myself
And it hurts even more
To have to be with somebody else
And it's so hard to do And so easy to say
But sometimes Sometimes you just have to walk away...."

"...I'm leaving here on the morning train
And I will never see this world again

I've felt pleasure And I have felt pain
And I know now That I can never be the same
How I wonder why the world can be so cold
And if only good die young
Then left with me cruel here to grow old ..."

12 agosto 2005

Dom Quixote

Dom Quixote - Barreiro

Let's get out of here fast?

11 agosto 2005

Urban Jungle

08 agosto 2005

To change the world, start with one step
However small , first step is hardest of all
Once you get your gait , you'll be walking tall

You said you never did, cause you might die tryin...

he's magnified by the things i've done,
the things i've seen...
the things i've cause....

02 agosto 2005

"...It's crazy, I'm thinking, just knowing that the world is round.
I'm here I'm dancing on the ground.

Am I right side up or upside down, and is this real, or am I dreaming? ..."

Cabo Carvoeiro

"... All of the captain's cards are kings
Still he and the queen are lost at sea
I hope it isn't you and me..."

01 agosto 2005


until the end of the world...