30 novembro 2005

"...Sing and dance I'll play for you tonight... and thrill at it all...
Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes... but I'll work it out..."

One Direction

"...I don’t want the dream no more
I just want what’s at the other side off the door..."

29 novembro 2005

Human Rights

Stop ...

Now Playing - Sofa Surfers


Monopolise me
Magnetise me
Take me for the fool for you that I am

Idolise me
Philosophise me
Change me from the innocent to the wisest of men

Make me a believer..Make me a believer

Disorganise me
De-civilise me
Introduce me to the truth of what it really means

Desensitise me
Look in the eyes me
Speak to me in tongues that only you and I understand

Make me a believer..Make me a believer

Take by surprise me
Word to the wise me
Take me deep into the core until I’m at the seams

Theorise me
Then realise me
Take me from reality into a thing of dreams

Make me a believer..Make me a believer

Idolise me
Philosophise me
Change me from the innocent to the wisest of men

Desensitise me
Look in the eyes me
Speak to me in tongues only that you and I understand

Make me a believer..Make me a believer

My eyes are open and my senses are bright
Rain down your light
And wake me from this night..

On the far side of the day...just before it ends...I’ll fumble in the darkness

28 novembro 2005

steer us towards the clear

The World needs...

e todos nós tambem...

25 novembro 2005


Um chá á beira mar...

sozinho na noite... uma luz no escuro...

24 novembro 2005


"How it was gonna be... what'll happen...guess we'll have to wait and see..."

Trip inTo The lighT

" i was not allowed to leave the room..."

"i saw the sun go down, and now it's coming up
somewhere in the time between i float into the light..."

23 novembro 2005

"Ainda que viajemos pelo mundo inteiro á procura da felicidade...não a encontraremos se não a levarmos dentro de nós ..."

(Hugo Schlesinger)

22 novembro 2005



Eu fiz... façam.no tambem , todos os dias se possivel...

Ideia original de DeviL SpiT - em a Confraria dos TótòS

No sidetalk

"...Driving in on this highway...
all these cars...and upon the sidewalk people in every direction...

No words exchanged...
No time to exchange..."

21 novembro 2005


é saudavel e ajuda na compreensão mutua...

come and crash into me...

"If I've gone overboard ,then I'm begging you to forgive me... "

18 novembro 2005


"A poucos quilómetros de Lisboa, junto da Malveira, vivem os lobos"

Mais info >aki<

16 novembro 2005

it's alright...

"...Give it all and ask for no return
and soon you'll see ... and you'll begin to learn
that it's alright... it's alright... "

15 novembro 2005


I will stand arms outstretched, pretend I’m free to roam
...I will make my way, through, one more day in hell...

ao som de...

Lançado da 28 de Outubro de 2005

Banda : Sofa Surfers
Album: Sofa Surfers

Web Page : http://www.sofasurfers.net/

14 novembro 2005

My Legs

"...Let's go drive 'til morning comes...and watch the sunrise...to fill our souls up..."


So here we are tonight... you and me together
The storm outside, the fire is bright
let's smoke it and float into the light...

11 novembro 2005


Uma pequena sugestão para o fim de semana, para quem for guloso (e não só , porque vale muito pelo passeio tambem ...) e ande por perto de Obidos, aproveitem e vão ate AKI .

09 novembro 2005

Under the Sun

energia. luminoso. reconfortante. vida . quente .
revigorante . ardente . paz

Hang Over U

An now that you've been broken down
Got your head out of the clouds

and now you're back down on the ground
And you don't talk so loud...you don't walk so proud...

08 novembro 2005

Seguir o caminho mais facil, é um primeiro passo para a incomprensão...

07 novembro 2005

Celebrate we will...

"... cause life is short but sweet for certain...
we're climbing two by two ...To be sure these days continue..."

@ Sabor e Arte

Long Road

I will go in this way... and find my own way out...

I wont tell you to stay

03 novembro 2005

Like a cloud falling apart , I'm discarding all thoughts
I'll dry up , leaving smoky thoughts on the sky...

Scratches of...

my former lights... "When you're talkin to yourself at nobody's world"

02 novembro 2005

Let it wash away

"Let it wash away All those yesterdays
What are you running from?Taking pills to get along...

Creating walls to call your own
So no one catches you? drifting off and
Doing all the things that we all do..."

I wish...

"Is this just another day,... this God forgotten place?
First comes love, then comes pain , let the games begin...
Questions rise and answers fall..."