30 maio 2007

Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisboa - 25 de Maio

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29 maio 2007

"... Out on my window ledge ... I don't feel safe
And I stay ... Looking down on you..."

28 maio 2007

"...Cloud, block out the sun
Over me, over me
And spoil, spoil all the fun
Won’t you please..."

22 maio 2007


20 maio 2007


19 maio 2007


18 maio 2007

LISBOA DOWNTOWN 2007Alfama 19 de Maio , 14H

17 maio 2007

"...I sucked the moon ... I spoke too soon
And how much did it cost?
I was dropped from moonbeams
And sailed on shooting stars..."

16 maio 2007

15 maio 2007


"... Why won't you run...in the rain and play...
...Let the tears splash all over you..."

11 maio 2007

09 maio 2007

Queens Day

08 maio 2007

"...And if the sun comes up, if the sun comes up, if the sun comes up
and I still don't wanna stagger home.
Then it's the memory of our betters
that are keeping us on our feet..."



07 maio 2007

"...When you're talkin to yourself
And nobody's home...You can fool yourself
You came in this world alone..."

06 maio 2007

"...And so it starts.
You switch the engine on....
We set controls for the heart of the sun..."

Lcd SoundSystem

LCD Soundsystem - "All My Friends"

03 maio 2007

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