29 maio 2008

Maio 2008

Maio 2008
//tempo atípico||


[..."When the gas in my tank feels like money in the bank"...]

esta foto foi originalmente aqui publicada a 06/09/2006

mas achei que fazia sentido voltar a publicar à data de hoje...
sabe-se lá porquê...

19 maio 2008





in hiding

in hiding
"...It's been about three days now
Since I've been aground
No longer overwhelmed and it seems so simple now
It's funny when things change so much
It's all state of mind..."

12 maio 2008

Rows of houses

Rows of houses
"Rows of houses all bearing down on me
I can feel their blue hands touching me
All these things in all positions
All these things will one day take control
And fade out again and fade out..."

"...Long nights allow me to feel...
I'm falling...I am falling
The lights go out
Let me feel
I'm falling
I am falling safely to the ground..."

06 maio 2008


"...We took our souls and we flew away
We were right we were giving
That's how we kept what we gave away..."

05 maio 2008

[Dia da Mãe]

03 maio 2008

All I need - RadioHead

02 maio 2008


White Bench
"Why so green
And lonely...
Heaven sent you
To me"